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 The Presidency - Republic of South Africa
With the dawn of democracy in 1994, and the adoption of a new final constitution in1996, a provision was made for an Office of the President, which later became known as The Presidency. Under previous dispensations, the head of government in South Africa were Prime Ministers and State Presidents. 
As the executive manager of government The Presidency is at the apex of the system of government in the Republic of South Africa. The Presidency is situated in the Union Buildings, Pretoria, and has another subsidiary office in Tuynhuys, Cape Town. 
The Presidency's key role in the executive management and co-ordination of Government lies in its responsibility to organize governance. In this regard, a key aim is the facilitation of an integrated and co-ordinated approach to governance. This is being achieved through creative, cross-sectoral thinking on policy issues and the enhancement of the alignment of sectoral priorities with the national strategic policy framework and other Government priorities.



Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

Vision: Improve government outcomes and impact on society.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to facilitate, influence and support effective planning, monitoring and evaluation of government programmes aimed at improving service delivery, outcomes and impact on society.

Values: We shall at all times be exemplary in all respects.

This includes being client-focused (the President, Deputy President, government, and the public) and listening to our clients and treating them with dignity, courtesy, responsiveness and respect. It also includes being a learning organization and not doing the same things over and over when they are clearly not working.

We will strive to have progressive management practices as well as to be compliant with all prescripts.

We will also pay attention to the basics, such as not being late for meetings, running meetings efficiently, checking spelling and grammar in documents, and responding to e-mails, phone messages and all other requests timeously. We will pursue quality management practices in order to achieve value for money, efficiency and effectiveness. We will be accountable and transparent.

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 Statistics South Africa

Our mission is to provide a relevant and accurate body of statistics to inform users on the dynamics in the economy and society through the application of internationally acclaimed practices.

What we do - Provide a relevant and accurate body of statistics.

Why we do it - to inform users on the dynamics in the economy and society.

How we do it - through the application of internationally acclaimed practices.