NIDS-CRAM Data Access

NIDS-CRAM data is available on DataFirst’s Open Data Portal.

The data files are available in Stata format only. Most other statistical programs have a functionality to import Stata files. NIDS data is hosted through the DataFirst Open Data Portal. Clicking on a dataset link below will take you to the relevant page on the DataFirst site. Once there, to download the data files click on the "Get Microdata" tab.

Note: First-time users will be requested to register before downloading (please read the terms of use). After registration, you will simply need to log in to download data.

   Access the NIDS-CRAM Wave 1 dataset

   Access the NIDS-CRAM Wave 2 dataset

   Access the NIDS-CRAM Wave 3 dataset

   Access the NIDS-CRAM Wave 4 dataset

   Access the NIDS-CRAM Wave 5 dataset